Scaffolding Rentals and Sales in Jackson, WY

When you need scaffolding for a project, you want someone who knows Jackson, WY, as
well as someone who is experienced. Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. has been working with all kinds of
scaffolding, including industrial scaffolding rentals, locally since the 1960s. We can give you the
knowledge you need and the understanding you crave.

Local Experience

Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. is equipped to handle any kind of scaffolding order. Whether you need
scaffolding for a mine, for restaurant construction, or for a vacation-home renovation, we have experience
working with the right kind of scaffolding in the Jackson environment.

Scaffolding Expertise

When you hire us to sell or rent you a scaffold, you don’t just get the
equipment; you get our nearly 60 years of industry knowledge. We work with contractors on jobs, so you won’t
ever have to wonder whether your employees or family members are safe. We can provide you with all the safety
equipment and knowledge you need.

Many of our employees have worked with us for over 20 years, and they are happy to share the wealth of
information they’ve gained so you don’t have to figure things out yourself.

If you need scaffold rentals, call us today at (801) 359-8635 or send us a message.