Suspended Scaffolding Rentals & Sales

Cleaning the windows on a high-rise building improves resident satisfaction, but it can be a dangerous and difficult job. If you’re on a construction or maintenance crew and are responsible for working on structures hundreds of feet above the ground, come to Savage Scaffold in Salt Lake City, UT to find a suspended scaffold for sale or rent.

About Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolds are sturdy platforms that hang from an overhead supporting structure. Since suspended scaffolds are anchored to a point above the platform using a system of ropes, they are better for commercial construction jobs than scaffolds that rest on the ground.

The two main types of suspended scaffolds are fixed length and adjustable. Fixed-length scaffolds hang from the support using a specific length of rope that can’t be altered. Adjustable scaffolds include a system that allows the platform to be raised and lowered, adjusting the height.

The second type of scaffolding is commonly used for tasks like window washing, which require a great deal of movement and involve varying heights.

About Savage Scaffold

Located in Salt Lake City, our company has served the states of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Northern Nevada, for over 50 years. Talk to any of our experienced team members about your project’s needs, and we can help you determine what type of scaffolding is right for you.

If you don’t have the money, need, or storage space to purchase your own scaffolding, look into obtaining a suspended scaffold for rent. Visit our location to take a look at the products we have available, or call us at (801) 359-8635 for a free estimate and to discuss the type of scaffolding you’re looking for.

For your convenience, we offer pickup, delivery, and shipping services. When you need construction equipment and scaffolding for your commercial project in Utah, Northern Nevada, Wyoming, or Idaho, trust us to provide the highest-quality products to protect you and your team.