Shoring Rentals & Sales

An essential part of constructing a new building is ensuring the building gets adequate support during the process. The top surface of a building often requires support before it is completed, which is where shoring systems come in.

At Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co., we have a thorough knowledge of the best and safest construction practices. Our large selection of scaffolding, which includes wood, aluminum, and steel shores, suits the needs of any construction project.

When to Use a Shoring System

Shoring up a building is particularly necessary when performing repairs. Since the structure becomes weakened during the process as broken elements are removed and replaced, shoring systems prevent collapse or increased damage.

Shores are also useful when installing a building’s foundation. The heavy concrete, unsupported by anything but the actual ground, can collapse in on itself. Using a shoring system means the foundation receives the necessary support until it is strong enough to not only stand on its own, but also support the weight of the rest of the building.

You may also need shores if your construction project requires you to dig a trench, or if the building you are working on has several levels of concrete floors.

Our Commitment to Helping You

Savage Scaffold has served the Salt Lake City, UT area since the 1960s. Over the past five decades, we have expanded to serve construction companies in Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming as well. If you buy or rent shoring systems from us, we’ll train you on how to set up and operate them safely and efficiently.

The next time you need shores for a construction project, trust our high-quality products and experienced employees to help you get the job done. We will provide you with the equipment you need. Call (801) 359-8635 for a free estimate today.