Scaffolding Services

Serving Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, & Northern Nevada

Whether you’re a contractor in the mining business or working on a restaurant construction job, a dependable scaffolding system is essential in your line of work. But, since every job is unique, you also need a variety of scaffolding options to choose from.

At Savage Scaffolding & Equipment Co., we offer a wide range of scaffold sales and rentals to accommodate any kind of project.

Find What You Need

Savage Scaffolding & Equipment deals with scaffolding of all types so you can get what you need in one place. The main services we offer are:

  • Rentals – If you rent any of our scaffolding equipment, we can deliver the requested items to the worksite and pick them up when you’re done. We can also ship the rented products if that’s the more convenient option. Pickup is also available.
  • Sales – As with our rentals, we offer pickup, delivery or shipping of any purchased scaffolding items.
  • Training – Our experienced team can also train you and your employees to properly set up rolling and suspended scaffold.

With any of our rentals or sales, we offer free estimates and maintain manufacturer warranties. And if you’re interested in our training, be sure to contact us to set up an appointment.

Trust in Our Experience

We’ve been in the scaffolding business since the 1960s, and our dedicated staff is committed to helping customers. If you have any questions about what commercial or industrial scaffold rental or purchase would be best for a specific job, call us at (801) 359-8635.