Scaffolding Equipment in Carlin, NV

Perhaps you’re working on expanding your Elko, NV construction business or you’re starting a new business in Wendover, NV. Perhaps you’re a homeowner in Battle Mountain, NV looking to build an addition onto your house. In any case, you likely need new scaffolding products to help you complete your jobs quickly and safely.

At Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co., we offer many types of scaffolding to suit any building need. Whether you need to add a rolling scaffold tower to your equipment inventory or you need to rent a temporary stairway for a single product, we can provide the proper products.

Serving Nevada Clients

We first opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1960’s and have been working on expanding our business ever since, particularly into Northern Nevada. We specialize in providing scaffolding services to small, local construction companies that need new equipment to help their growing business.

Because we understand that different customers will have different budgets and job requirements, we sell used scaffolding at reduced rates and rent out much of our equipment. We don’t want price to prevent companies from receiving the scaffolding products they need.

If you’re interested in purchasing new scaffolding for your CarlinElko, Ely, WellsWendover or Jackpot, NV business, call us today at (801) 359-8635. We can provide a free estimate and help train your employees on how to successfully operate the new equipment.