Scaffolding Rental and Sales in Rock Springs, WY

Savage Scaffold & Equipment proudly offers scaffolding rental and equipment sales in Rock Springs, WY. We regularly work with contractors who construct residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, so we’re confident we have the exact type and material of scaffolding your job requires.

Rent or Buy Reliable Construction Scaffolding in Rock Springs, WY

Are you in need of fall protection equipment like rope grabs or harnesses before you repair a roof? Does your project require suspended scaffolding or rolling scaffold towers? We have all those options and more. Our product page contains a more detailed list of the products we provide. On some products, we even offer wholesale commercial pricing to keep you on budget.

For customers who request scaffolding rental, we deliver the items directly to your worksite and pick them up at the conclusion of your project. You don’t have to leave the site and interrupt your workflow. For clients who choose to buy scaffolding or related equipment, we offer direct-to-site delivery or shipping.

As scaffolding experts, we know that this type of equipment should be used with care. Ask about our scaffolding training if you or your crew needs a refresher course on how to set up and take down this equipment.

Choose Savage Scaffold

Let our company provide the scaffolding you need. We’ve been in business since the 1960s, but we know all about the latest advancements in scaffolding. For service in Rock Springs, WY, contact us today.