Construction Scaffolding in St. George, UT

Since the 1960s, Savage Scaffold has provided residential, commercial, and industrial contractors and project managers with affordable scaffolding rentals and equipment. If you live in or oversee projects in St. George, UT, get in touch. We can provide you with the right scaffolds you need to complete your task, including construction scaffolding equipment.

Scaffold Rentals and Products for You

Looking for a temporary scaffolding solution to complete your build? Choose from our large inventory of scaffold rentals. If you prefer to permanently add scaffolding to your business equipment, you can also buy scaffolds from us. We have everything from shoring scaffolding and aluminum scaffold planks to frame and brace scaffolding and pressed laminated scaffold planks.

We’ll even deliver your scaffolding equipment to your site in St. George, UT, if you’d like us to. We are dedicated to providing excellent, reliable, and trustworthy service, and we look forward to helping you however we can.

Not sure which scaffolding equipment will work best for your specific project? We’re happy to make a recommendation based on any details you can provide us. Call (801) 359-8635 to get in touch. We’ll even give you a free estimate on your rental or purchase so you know exactly what to expect!